Good guy Boris – The Grifter Code (2017)

Good guy Boris – The Grifter Code (2017)

This book tells the story behind the creation of The Grifters, who in a short time have left a long lasting legacy within the graffiti community, pioneering the analogue aesthetic since it’s inception with it culminating in Grifters Code. In this they translated their analogue photography into a digital video format and used the internet for distribution, something entirely different to the normal ebb and flow of the graffiti world. The book goes on to chronicle the success story and birth of Good Guy Boris, explaining and defining the heritage of The Grifters and Grifters Code, the path that lead from its embryonic stages in the backwaters of Bulgaria, through to becoming a mainstay of graffiti photojournalism in the capital of France – and everything in-between.

Item is in good condition. Minor damage, such as scratches, wear marks. May have been stored in a smoking area.


Sold Out

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